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    Steel Pile

    Hot rolled U Steel Pile Products

    Hot rolled U Steel Pile Products
    Hot rolled U Steel Pile Products rphigroup 1 Hot rolled U Steel Pile Products rphigroup 2 Hot rolled U Steel Pile Products rphigroup 3 U type steel sheet pile rphigroup 4
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    Our company, a professional Hot rolled steel sheet pile manufacturer, is able to conduct a range of laboratory tests for higher quality. 

    U sheet pile is a service -proven type familiar to both designers and constructors, which is extensively used for permanent structures, temporary earth-retaining works and temporary cofferdams, etc.


    In addition to its rigid structure, its moment of inertiaper pile is relatively large ,thus allowing repetitive use.


    We supply steel sheet piles with high quality and competitive prices.


    Our steel sheet pile features high strength, light weight, good water-resisting performance and super durability.
    It is mainly used in rescue and relief work, such as flood and landslide.
    We can manufacture steel sheet piles according to GB, JISA and EN standard, which can meet the requests of international markets


    Sheet pile as a new building materials, bridge in large pipeline ditch temporary cofferdam excavation of soil retaining, retaining water, sand block wall wharf, unloading field wall, retaining wall levee protection, project plays an important role. Steel sheet pile do not only cofferdam green, environmental protection and construction speed is quick, construction cost is low, have very good waterproof function.

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