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    Twin-shaft Horizontal-axle concrete mixer

    SICOMA Mixer MAO3000

    SICOMA Mixer MAO3000
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    MAO Standard Series Twin Shaft Compulsory Concrete Mixer


    MAO 1500/2000/3000/4000/4500

    1.Air purged multi seals to enhance bearing life and effectively avoid slurry leakage.
    2.Unique monitoring system to monitor the running conditions of gearbox, hydraulic door opening and lubrication pump.
    3.Automatic multi pump units for shaft lubrication, special pump pin unit design. No more grease distributor maintenance trouble.
    4.Multi pipes water spraying system to ensure fast and thorough mixing.
    5.Optional weighing system, high pressure cleaning system and microwave moisture monitoring system.
    6.Heavy duty design, stable operation. Capacity ranged from 1.5 cu.m. to 4.0 cu.m.
    7.Dam work models for oversize aggregates maximum size 180mm, equipped with wearable linings 20mm thickness and high strength

    blades. Maximum capacity 4.5 cu.m., suitable for feeding to the 9.0 cu.m. truck mixer.


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