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    Down hole drill and Rock drill

    RYX-460 Integrated open-air DTH Drill Rig

    RYX-460 Integrated open-air DTH Drill Rig
    Features: 1、High power and compressed air make it possible for the drilling jumbo to drill quickily.2、Heavy beams are installed in the oil tank, steel wire rope and pulley, and it forms the system of the hydraulic motor drives ; pair of a guy responding to locate , storing six five meters Φ 102 drill brazing position and the oil tank location, the rods and a pair of a brazed mechanical hand make the automatic system ; a thick with dust, sliding the dust cover, drill the threads of lubrication oil tank . the loading and unloading device of oil vat and so on .all above can meet the needs of high-speed drilling.3、Extra motor and flat body makes it reach three kilometers an hour(max), 30 degrees(max), high and low speed walking function and warm device'of diesel engine make it adapt to various topographical terms and conditions of temperature.4、Equipped with dual-stage air-conditioned cab handle all kinds of manipulation of light and flexible displays and a variety of instruments in the car all the data to reflect the drill and automatic alarm, storage, electronic Boom angle display makes the Drill single easy operation, accurate positioning.5、 Strong dust features make drill car could equip with 4 ,5 and 6 inch impactor to fit different consumer in different ways.


    RYX-460Main Technical Specifications

    Diesel engines



    C11             ( medium:WD615)



    Caterpillar       (medium :steyr)


    Rated power                    

    287kw         (medium:260kw)



    1800 rpm     (medium:2000 rpm)


    Fuel capacity



    Screw compressor: 





     Helicopter factory                

     Ingersoll rand        (medium:GHH)


    Exhaust air                           

     22m³/min      (medium:16.5m³/min)


     Maximum wind

     24bar            (medium:14.5bar)




    The hole diameter                            

     138~165mm     (medium:138~152mm )


     Deep hole



     Pipe specifications



     Change and the stem rod



    Complete shock

     5 inches or 6 inches 


     Rotary speed

     0~100 r/min 


    Rotary torque



     Pipe length   



    Function: drill arm: 


     Drill arm form

    Single ZhiBei


    The total length of thrusters

     1900 mm


     Promote compensation

     1300 mm 



     34.5 KN


     Propulsion mode

     Oil wire


     Advancing travel

     5600 mm


    Maximum velocity

     0.88 m/s


    Maximum pull out

     67.6 KN




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