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    Horizontal directional drill rig


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    Technical specification sheet

         The XZ3000 horizontal directional drilling rig with the integral and self-loading design adopts various advanced technologies such as the closed energy saving circuit, electro-hydraulic proportional control and load sensing control as well as the proprietary technologies of the Company. Its main performance parameters and control technologies have reached the world advanced level. The main components of hydraulic system, transmission system, speed reducer and electric control system are of top-grade international brand and high reliability.

    1、XZ3000 adopts many advanced control technologies such as PLC control, electro-hydraulic proportional control, load sensing control, and etc.

    2、The drilling shaft can be mounted and dismounted automatically, so as to improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity and manual misoperation and thus reduce the work staff and reduce the production cost

    3、Automatic anchoring: the hydraulic pressure drives the anchor, which features large anchoring force, simple and convenient operation.

    4、Dual speed power head: drilling and dragging at low speed to ensure that it works smoothly; sliding at quick speed to reduce the auxiliary time and make higher work efficiency during the disassembly of drilling rig with empty load.

    5、The engine has the feature of turbocharged torque increase, which can increase the power instantaneously when encountering tough terrains to ensure the drilling power.

    6、The power head features high speed, good boring effect and high efficiency.

    Multiple operations with single handle control, convenient for accurate control, simple and comfortable operation.

    7、With tethered control, it is safe and efficient for single operator to load and unload the drilling rig.

    8、The patented float clamp can effectively prolong the service life of the drilling shaft.

    9、With multiple safety protection functions and the alarming system on the engine and hydraulic parameter, the operator and the machine are safely protected.

    Ⅰ. Technical features

    Hydraulic system: Various advanced control technologies such as the closed energy saving circuit, load sensing control and electro-hydraulic proportional control are adopted. Imported elements can ensure the reliable quality.

    Rotation: The high-speed motor drives the speed reducer to operate the gearbox with two speeds, and is protected automatically from high pressure.

    Pusher and puller: Rack-and-pinion mechanism, with two speeds under continuous regulation, and high working efficiency.

    Cab: Double-person air-conditioned weather cab where the control and operating devices are concentrated and comfortable to operate.

    Engine: The turbocharged engine with high power reserve ensures the drilling power and emergent needs. The imported high-power transfer case ensures the service life.

    Drill stand: High-strength assembled drill stand is suitable for drill stems of different lengths; the sliding drill stand facilitates the angle adjustment.

    Drill stem holder:Full-floating holder and on-board crane make the dismounting and mounting of drill stem more efficient and easy.

    Crawler: Self-propelled steel crawler, making the machine easy to transfer.

    Wire-controlled travel:Wire-controlled travel, making the machine easy and fast to transfer among work sites.

    Monitoring protection: Various parameters of engine, hydraulic pressure and filtration are monitored and alarmed so that the machine can be protected effectively.

    Ⅱ. Main technical parameters 





    Chongqing Cummins Engine Company



    Rated power


    Pusher and puller


    6-motor rack-and-pinion transmission

    Max. pulling/feeding force

    3,000kN /3,000kN

    Running speed of power unit




    Four-motor gear transmission

    Max. torque of power unit


    Rotation speed of power unit


    Drill stem


    Standard API petroleum drill stem


    φ127mm, φ140mm

    Length (single piece)


    Drill stand


    Sliding box-type drill stand, with walk platform

    Adjusting angle


    On-board crane


    Full-rotating telescopic-boom crane truck

    Max. lifting mass


    Travel drive


    Self-propelled steel crawler

    Travel speed

    2 km/h

    Slurry pump


    Hydraulic drive (external)

    Flow rate




    Overall dimension





    Ⅲ. Configuration of main components



    Chongqing Cummins Engine Company

    Transfer case

    Germany Stiebel (imported)

    Master cylinder

    USA SAUER (imported)

    Rotating motor

    USA SAUER (imported)

    Push-pull motor

    USA SAUER (imported)


    USA SAUER (imported)

    Speed reducer

    Italy Bongfiglioli (imported)


    Shantui construction machinery chassis

    Travel speed reducer

    Germany Rexroth (imported)

    On-board crane


    Hose union

    Xidefu (imported)


    Ⅳ. Configuration of main components

    The XZ3000 horizontal directional drilling rig is an integral device. The machine is mainly composed of the chassis, power unit, and drill stand, engine system, vice, cab, on-board crane, hydraulic system, electrical system and other components.

    1. Chassis

    The chassis is mainly composed of the main vehicle frame, left and right travel devices. The rear end of vehicle frame is fitted with hydraulic outriggers. The built-in planet speed reducer (with motor) is used as the travel speed reducer, which has a high output torque and a compact structure. The wired-controlled travel adopted can regulate the speed continuously and make it easy and safe to transfer and adjust the machine between work sites.

    2. Engine system

    The NTA-855 turbocharged engine supplied by Chongqing Cummins Company is adopted, which has a strong power and a rated power up to 392KW, saves fuel and is fitted with the potent water radiator, ensuring its long service life.

    3. Power unit

    The power unit is driven by imported motor and speed reducer. The power unit has a compact structure and high work efficiency. Its high and low speeds can be adjusted continuously so it is suitable for different work conditions. The power unit is fitted with a damping device so that the drill stem threads are protected effectively.

    4. Pusher and puller

    The pusher and puller offer the feeding force or pulling force to the power unit through the imported motor, speed reducer and rack-and-pinion mechanism. This mechanism is strong, reliable and stable. The drill stand is easy to slide back and forth to adapt to the drilling angle and gradeability.

    5. Potent drill stem holder

    It is composed of the upper and lower vices which operate in accordance with the rotation and movement of power unit to screw up or off the drill stem threads. Driven by the motor, the holder can move back and forth on the drill stand, and the distance between front and rear vices is adjustable.

    6. On-board crane

    The full-rotating telescopic-boom crane truck adopted facilitates the lifting, dismounting and mounting of drill stem and can also be used to lift other drill tools so as to reduce the work load.

    7. Cab

    The cab is a double-person air-conditioned cab where the operator and direction controller can work together conformably.

    8. Electrical system

    PLC controller is adopted to control all the actions of the drilling rig. Under the control of PLC, the pressure supervision, engine monitoring and various function warnings can match the rotation and power of the engine speed.

    It is mainly used to control the functions of rotation, pushing and pulling, vice and travel, etc, and to monitor the parameters and protect the engine and hydraulic system. It is composed of the left console, right console, instrument console and travel control box, etc. The electro-hydraulic proportional valve adopted can realize the stepless speed regulation. The manual emergency system is set.

    9. Hydraulic system

    The circuit, drilling and pulling of power unit use the economic and efficient closed circuit. The imported hydraulic elements are adopted, ensuring the high reliability of products. The independent cooling system ensures that the hydraulic system can work reliably for a long period.

    Ⅴ. Optional parts for users

    1. Drill stem and drill tool

    The petroleum drill stem produced by Shanghai Bao Steel, Bohai Nkk and other manufacturers can be selected. The cutting-type or squeezing-type expansion cut with a diameter of 300 mm~1,600 mmcan be selected.

    2. Guide system

    DCI wired control system can be selected.

    3. Slurry pump system

    The Lanzhou Shengda or Leike skid-mounted slurry pump which is a horizontal three-cylinder and single-acting reciprocating piston pump can be selected. The diesel engine is used to drive the slurry pump through the clutch and gearbox. The pump is connected with the main machine through high-pressure water supply pipe.

    4. Slurry mixing system

    20 m3slurry mixing plant can be selected.

    Ⅵ. On-board technical documents

    The following technical documents are provided for XZ3000 horizontal directional drilling rig:

    Packing list

    Certificate of conformity

    XZ3000 operation instructions

    XZ3000 parts catalogue

    User’s manual of NTA-855 diesel engine

    Note: The products will be improved along with the technical advancement and the difference will be defined during ordering 

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