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    Horizontal directional drill rig

    XZ1000 Horizontal directional drill

    XZ1000 Horizontal directional drill
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    XZ1000 Horizontal directional drill is one kind directional drilling device. The whole machine consists of chassis, power head, drill pipe stand, engine system,clamp, driving cab, onboard crane, anchoring system, drill tools, hydraulic system, electric system, slurry system and other components.


    XZ1000 Horizontal directional drill is one body self-carrying design, power head adopts energy saving closed circuits,push pull travel and mud adopt load sensitive control, also apply electro-hydraulic proportional control and other advanced control technologies and patent technologies, the main features parameters and control technologies reached the world advanced level. The hydraulic system components, hydraulic pump, valves, motor, and speed reducer etc. choose world famous brand products, durable and reliable. 


    1、the machine form shown in Figure 1, Figure 2

    Chassis: Self made chassis, hydraulic driving and smart movement. Chassis mainly include main machine frame, left and right travel device.  The left and right travel devices are welded together with the main machine frame. On the back end of the machine frame has H style hydraulic support leg. The travel device includes pedrail tension device, rubber pedrail assemble, driving wheel, guide wheel, thrust wheel and travel reducer. The travel reducer is invisible planetary gearbox (include the motor); output torque is big, compact structure, adopting wire driven travel, tethered controller, remote travel control, stepless travel speed regulating. Shifting to other site and loading is fast and easy, machine adjusting is easy.

    Pedrail:steel pedrail self propelled design, wire driven travel, strong moving and site shifting ability.

    Engine system:The engine system includes engine, water radiator, air filter, and muffler, and so on. It is the power source of the whole machine. The engine is CHONGQING Cummins KTA19 turbocharged diesel engine, large power margin, assuring enough drilling power and also meet with emergency demand. Powerful and strong, the rated power of the engine is 392kW/2100rpm, the Max. Back pulling force is 1000kN, the torque is 55000Nm. economical and oil saving, equipped with suction water radiator, assuring long time working.

    Powered head: The power head is the main mechanism of the drill, adopting low speed high torque hydraulic motor driving, and then driving the power head output shaft, high transmission efficiency, compact,  it has high and low double speed stepless regulating function, suits with different construction requirements. The floating power head has damping device, which efficiently protect the drill pipe thread. It has the follow main functions:

    1. Driving the drill pipe head slewing

    2. Enduring drilling and back pulling reaction

    3. The mud passage entering into the drill pipe.

    Pull push device of the power head: Pull push device of the power head is the mechanism performing the power head back pulling and thrusting movement, which provide the thrusting force and back pulling force to the power head through Plunger motor, reducer, gear wheel and rack transmission, high strength and running stably and durably.

    The drill pipe frame can slide forward and backward, through angle adjusting oil cylinder adjust the right drill angle and Slope-climbing angle to suit different drilling requirements. The drilling angle adjusting range is: 10°~18°.Two shift stepless speed regulating, high working efficiency.

    Drill pipe assembling/disassembling device: this device consists of onboard crane, drill pipe, landing gear operating mechanism, and bracket. This device drive the hydraulic cylinder through hydraulic pressure, assisting with onboard crane, it can easily assemble and disassemble the drill pipe, reduce the labor intension, and improve the work efficiency.

    Powerful drill pipe clamp (holder):Strong clamping strength, whole-body float, easy angle adjusting applicable with different long drill pipes.  It includes upper clamp and lower clamp, located in the front of the sliding frame; the upper clamp has clamp and rotating double actions. The upper and lower clamps act assorting with the rotation and movement of the power head to perform tightening and loosening the drill pipe thread. The drill pipe clamp is driven by motor and moves forwards and backwards on the drill pipe frame, and the space between front and rear clamps is adjustable. Equipped with 3.2t auxiliary crane, fully floating clamp and onboard crane, the drill pipe assembling and disassembling is high efficient and labor saving.

    Steering system: Low speed large torque motor driving, two shift speed, and auto protection against high pressure.

    Driving cab:Double seats all weather air conditioner driving cab, steering and operation are centralized in the driving cab, comfortable operation.

    The anchoring device: the anchoring device is playing anchoring function, located in the front of the drill; it can raise the whole drill stability.

    Mud pump system: can select to equip Lanzhou shengda LT949 skidmounted mud pump, the mud pump is horizontal single-acting triplex reciprocating piston pump, it is driven by Chongqing Cummins NTA–855 engine, through clutch and gearbox driving the mud pump, and connected with the main machine though high pressure water supplying pipe.

    LT949–100 skid mounted mud pump

    Mud mixing system:Can select 20CBM Mud Agitator  

    Onboard crane: 360°rotating straight arm telescopic jib crane, convenient for assembling and disassembling the drill pipe and lifting the drill tools and other drill tools, reduce the labor intensity, improve the working efficiency.

    Monitoring and protection:The monitor has alarm system for up and down interlock, automatic high pressure protection, engine, hydraulic, filtering etc., which can efficiently protect the machine under safety condition.

    Electrical system Mainly includes: startup of engine, flame-out of engine and checking, walking control, mud pump control, clamps control, clamp control, and pull push and rotating control to the power head, throttle control, the front and rear stop control of the power head. And also monitor the parameter of engine and hydraulic system and safety protection. It consists of left controlling platform, right controlling platform, auxiliary controlling platform, instrument box, travel control box, Television monitoring system. It adopts electro-hydraulic proportional control technology, realizing the stepless speed regulating. It also has manual operation for Emergency Back-up system

    Engine and light alarm: this machine adopts 24V single wire system power supply, minus earth system. Double 12V storage battery series with the generator supply the electricity to the whole machine. The machine start electricity is provided by storage battery, after the machine is started on, the generator will supply the 24V DC to the whole machine and also charging the storage battery at the same time. Press down the STOP knob or emergency switch will let the engine stop work

    Water thermometer: the engine water thermometer is used for indicating the engine coolant temperature, once the water temperature is over the set value, the water temperature alarm switch will close, when the Water temperature warning indicator light, stop the machine and check.

    Oil-pressure gauge: it indicates the oil pressure of the engine. When the oil pressure is lower than the set value, the oil pressure alarm switch will close, oil pressure indicator lights,( the light will light even the engine stopped, it is the normal condition), and stop the machine and check

    Fuel gauge:fuel contents gauge of the engine. If the fuel content is low, should add more fuel inside

    Tachograph: Indicating the current rotating speed.

    Engine hour meter:it is indicating the engine working hour’s meter

    Voltmeter: indicating the Voltages of Electrical Systems,

    Alarm indicator lamps

    Oil filter alarm lamp: when the hydraulic filter blocked, the sensor will light, under this condition u should clear or change the oil filter

    Warning light to low oil pressure and high water temperature of engine:Once the indicator is light, should check the engine instantly.

    Throttle control: through the throttle switch commutating the power source optimistic and negative of the throttle driver, controlling the clockwise and positive rotation of the DC stepping motor, let the throttle forwards or backwards to open the throttle or reduce the throttle

    Walk control: through pushing or pulling back the travel handles of the left and right crawlers the electro-hydraulic proportional valve is to be controlled, so to realize the whole machine going forwards ,backwards or turning around,

    Emergency stop: under emergency shut off the engine

    Function switches:

    Power head rotating: through the operation of handle forward or backward, control the electro-hydraulic proportional valve of the power head rotation, also realizing the power head with high speed rotating.

    The power head push pull: through the operation of handle forward or backward, control the electro-hydraulic proportional valve of the power head push pull, also realizing the power head with high speed push pull.

    Clamp control: clamp sliding, full body moving of clamp, clamp tightening and rotation, clamp separation are realized though related switches controlling the valves.

    Hold up of Drill pipe: realized through related switch controlling the bracket cylinder

    Television monitoring system:it includes color TV receiver, security camera and so on, through color TV receiver, security camera you can see the back corner, in the spare time you can watch television programs.

    Emergency operation: Equipped with manual operating system, in case of special condition, protect the safe construction.

    The user options:

    Drill pipe, drill tools: can select to equip shanghai bao gang or hebei xiandai produced oil drill pipe. Reamer can select flaring reamer or expanding and enlarging reamer, the diameter is from 300mm to 1100mm.

    Pilot systemAdopting wired directional control system can select DCI wired directional control system 

    Main parameters:






    CHONGQING Cummins engine corp., limited



    Rated power


    Thrusting and drag back


    4 motor driving, gear wheel and rack style

    Max. drag Back force/thrusting force

    1000kN /1000kN

    Working speed of power head,




    Double motor driving and gear wheel transmission

    The max. torque of the power head


    The rotary speed of power head


    Drill pipe


    Standard API oil drill pipe



    Length( single rod)


    drill stand


    Sliding box shape drill stand, with walking plate

    adjusting angle


    onboard crane


    360°Rotating straight arm telescopic jib crane 




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