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    Dynamic Compaction

    Hydraulic crawler dynamic RYTQH450

    Hydraulic crawler dynamic RYTQH450
    The RYTQH450 hydraulic crawler dynamic compaction machine is developed by this company depending on the market demands by utilizing our experience in the hoisting and compaction equipment for many years.




    1. Wide application range of powerful compaction operation
    When no additional device is fitted, the compacting capacity can be as high as up to 400 t•m to satisfy most requirements in the compacting operation. If the gantry is fitted, the compacting capacity can reach 800t•m.

    2. Excellent engine performance
    The 179ps Cummins diesel engine is adopted, with high power and reliable performance, being economic and environment-friendly.

    3. High chassis strength and good reliability and stability
    Equipped with a 70t crawler crane extensible chassis mechanism with an extensible and foldable bracket, the crawler length can reach 6055mm and width to 4830mm in service, with a high strength and good overall stability. The concealed planetary reducer and high-torque traveling motor are available, with high driving force and gradeability, without being subject to external influences to obtain high reliability. The chassis has a ground clearance of higher than 360mm while its ground pressure is as low as 0.067MPa to provide a good trafficability.

    4. High hoisting boom strength
    The hoisting boom is made of the high-strength structural pipes through welding, with good rigidity, low weight and high bearing capacity. The upper boom is provided with a forward-projecting "goose head" structure to be more suitable for the powerful compacting operation; with the ratchet locking luffing winch, the safe and reliable orientation of the hoisting boom is ensured in a better manner.

    5. High single-wire pull of the lifting winch
    The lifting winch is provided with a free-falling hook, with the single-wire pull as high as 10t, which can move at a speed of up to 110m/min. The concealed constantly-off brake can ensure the reliable braking of the rammer.

    6. Easy and flexible control
    The hydraulic control system utilizes a handrail box type pilot control system, with load sensing and micro-motion capability, which can work easily and flexibly. The slewing mechanism is capable of free coasting in a controlled way, being stable and impact-free.

    7. Long-time and high-power operation
    The hydraulic system has an independent cooling system to ensure its long-time and high-power operation without causing high temperature. The extra-large fuel tank has an effective volume of up to 400L to ensure the work of a whole day.

    8. High safety
    The electronic combination instrument, engine data integration control ad automatic alarm are provided. Such safety devices as the turntable gyration locking device, hoisting boom anti-rearward-rollover device, winch anti-over-winding device and lifting limit micro-motion function are available to ensure the safe and reliable operation.

    9. Comfortable operation
    The cab is connected with the shock-absorbing system, with a wide view and eye-pleasing style, and the protecting net is fitted. With a human-based design, the cab is fitted with the shock-absorbing seat and electric fan, with optional MP3 player, to create a comfortable operating environment.


    10. Easy transportation
    The outside dimensions of the body is 7025X3360X3200mm. In the transport, it is only required to remove the boom frame and the counterweight, without necessarily disassembling the machine. The single weight is 31t to reduce the transportation cost significantly. The suspended counterweight is much suitable for the installation, removal and transportation



    Compacting capacity grade

    450 t.m

    Permissible rammer weight


    Chassis wheel track


    Chassis width


    Crawler plate width

    800 mm

    Boom frame length

    19-25 m

    Working angle


    Max. lifting height

    25.8 m

    Working radius


    Lifting pull


    Lifting speed


    Slewing speed


    Traveling speed




    Engine power


    Engine rated speed

    2000 r/min

    Overall weight

    65 t

    Counterweight weight


    Main body weight


    Main body dimensions (length X width X height)

    7290X3300X3400 mm

    Ground pressure

    0.068 MPa

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