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    Rotary Drilling Rig

    XRS670 Rotary Drilling Rig

    XRS670 Rotary Drilling Rig
    XRS670 Rotary Drilling Rig 01
    The product performance is greatly improved and the drilling depth of standard configuration is up to 67m


    It adopts the main winch of single layer steel rope, which greatly improves the pull force and prolongs he steel rope’s service life, featuring less steel rope and high safety.

    ·The Weichai electric injection engine features automatic idling, utmost power control, and saves fuel, as well as convenient service and maintenance and low cost, and it also meet the emission standards in both domestic and overseas markets.

    ·The infrared camera is convenient for operators to observe the steel rope of main winch in the cab at any time.

    ·It utilizes excavator cab for more comfortable operation and beautiful profile.

    ·The product is well designed for re-upgrade.

    ·Multiple configurations can be customized according to the requirements, like outrigger cylinder, automatic slewing, etc 

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