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    Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump


    Hydraulic system adopts imported factory-assembled valve groups to control concrete pump with much higher reliability; Main electrical components, all imported factory-assembled, fully ensure high reliability of electrical control system


    The main features:

    Hydraulic system adopts imported factory-assembled valve groups to control concrete pump with much higher reliability;
      Main electrical components, all imported factory-assembled, fully ensure high reliability of electrical control system;
    As the inclined-mounted slide valve is adopted as the distribution valve, the capacity of material-suction is good, and the work is reliable;
    The main oil pump with constant-power variable large delivery volume has high efficiency of main power under constant power;
    Blade, especially designed with little dead angle of agitation, can be fit for many kinds of concrete mix proportions;
    Due to its functions of automatic recession, the check and change of piston heads will be convenient and rapid;
    The text display with large screen which is operated in menu type could lessen operation buttons; and the protection level of the electric control box reaches Grade-IP65;
    The speed adjustment of the diesel engine automatically controlled by computers had gained the domestically exclusive patents;
    As the electro proportional controlling technology is introduced, the pumping displacement could be adjusted steplessly;
    With good maintainability, the assembly and disassembly of all wearing parts is very convenient


    The main structure


    APower System
      The customer can free of choice main pump;

    Use the universal acknowledged dynamical system-Swedish VOLVO generator and Germanic

    Deutz generator.

    The power is strong and the fault rate is low

    Hydraulic Pressure System

    The unique open-style hydraulic system and appropriate hydraulic cushion technology make the system work with less commutation force and heat. The heavy load hydraulic main pump with bigger volume and the hydraulic valve with wider pathway of world-famous brand guarantee concrete pump safety and reliability.

    ■Principle of work:The pile-up valve group, the introduction of commutation cushion system in the return route of open-style hydraulic pressure, and use of the sensor examination commutation signal, can immediately carry on the automatic optimized control to the entire hydraulic system, thus facilitating the cushion effect for the system when the signal of sensor monitors is received by MCU/PLC..

    ■The high performance seamless steel pipes are selected for the hydraulic circuit. The excellent welding craft guarantees non-leakage of the pipeline. All pipe connections and the high-pressure hoses are of world-famous brand. Unique buckle tube technology is adopted to prevent occurrences of cartridge igniter and oil leakage.

    Pump Stytem

    ■The design of the changeable diameter in the material mouth end of the pumping system can free the pressure of tong into the pipage to the largest degree, reduce the pressure loss of tube S and pressure concentration in the exit, and thus prolong the wear-resisting life of the exit of tube S. At the same time, the flange type connection between the pipe with changeable diameter and the exit can reduce the clash and tremor for the pump, and avoid the hidden danger brought by the clip type connection.

    ■The agitation system with large torque and agitation axis design easily knocked-down, can make it very convenient for customers to repair. The three built-up metal antifriction welding crafts in the agitation leaf blade can guarantee its longevity.

    Electric Control System

    The humanized and intellectualized electric control system can optimize the human-machine interface and make the operation easy to handle.
    Intelligent control: It provides precise monitoring for the whole machine. The text displayer  shows the working condition of the whole machine and keep timely warning. The optimized interlocking design effectively prevents accidents in operation. The setting of multi-protection mode in the control program like motor starter with electricity also prevents misoperation and enhances the reliability of the system.
    The memorization function of keeping the original pumping state is provided. The counter with eight digits shown for the pumping times provides customers with more accurate numbers about the usage condition of the product.
    Automatic anti-pump function, optimized program design, automatic fault monitoring function, working condition display function and malfunction diagnosis are all provided.







    Name of parameters



    Max theo. Feeding volume(High/Low)



    Max feeding pressure



    Type of hydraulic system



    Type of Power machine



    specification rotating speed






    Model of distribution valve


    S valve

    Diameter of oil urn



    Diameter of transfer cylinder



    high lowe pressure voltage switch



    Capacity of hydraulic oil tank



    hopper capacity



    Hopper height






    Total weight



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